Posted on: Jun 29, 2015
For the second year in a row the Southern Vermont Dance Festival offers an Opening Reception with a Key Note speaker. Happening July 16th at 630pm. The reception will have live music, performance and delicious food. It will be a meet and greet of community members, choreographers, festival members and artists of all genres. The Key Note Speaker will be giving a lecture titled “Re framing the Arts”. After a semester as the Chair of the performing Arts committee Brown has a unique prospective on being an artist in the United States. Brown will discuss what changes need to be made and reflect on the experience of spending his life as an artist in the United States and then moving to a country that so adequately supports the arts. He askes: What can we learn?

Brown will be speaking about the dance scene in China, and the role of money and government in the arts. Hong Kong, a region which enjoys its own political and economic autonomy separate from China, is often referred to as the nexus between the east and the west. It enjoys many of the political and informational freedoms that Mainland China does not, and yet it benefits from and contributes to the artistic wealth and innovation that is now occurring in China. In many ways, dance practices in China are far, far ahead of those in the west, yet many in the west are completely unaware of the advances in that part of the world. Hong Kong has been considered the economic capital of the world; the support of the arts is something that is taken for granted by most of its citizens. What can we learn from them?

Billbob has had a great opportunity to reflect on what it means to be an American, in the arts, and offers up the question of what we can learn from the practices of other countries? What does contemporary dance look like in that part of the world? How is the modern dance scene in the United States viewed by people from other parts of the world? How does the distribution of wealth and resources affect dance in the east, in its practice, its execution, and its possibility? Are we ahead of the game, or behind it? Finally, what does it mean to have a global perspective when it comes to the arts? Billbob offers hope and possibility in reframing who we are, as we move towards becoming a more connected society.

This lecture will be followed by audience reflections and questions and answers. Southern Vermont Dance Festival wanted to bring to Brattleboro an arts discussion that many artists, whether the medium be dance, theater, voice or visual arts can relate to. It is very interesting to learn about how the arts are viewed and used in other cultures. Also what we can do as artists and non-artists alike to start to change the culture around art. Is the struggling artist the image we want to have? Do we want to say that only those with financial backing of their own can truly succeed at art? Do we want a world where art does not exist? or only exists for the wealthy? How much is it ok for us to enjoy the arts without helping to support the struggling artists. This is an interesting conversation for artists of all mediums and non artists alike. Join us July 16th for an opening reception, live music and performance beginning at 630pm and lecture and discussion beginning at 8pm. For tickets and information go to