We love putting this Festival together, but we can’t do it alone!   There are many ways to support the festival – and of course you’re not limited to just one choice!

What does your gift do?

  • $1000 allows us to fill our community events schedule with exciting performances and workshops
  • $500 allows us to hire our tech team to create amazing shows
  • $100 allows us to fill our schedule with variety, quality and quantity of classes
  • $50 allows us to fully utilize our local venues
  • $25 allows us to offer free bagels and yogurt to our attendees each morning.
  • $5 “a give up your latte gift” allows us to keep going as a locally run festival that fully engages our local community
  • $5000 helps us ensure that the festival can continue for the years to come.

**Find out how you can help us reach our 2016 goal of paying our currently volunteer staff and providing a stipend to our artists**