Posted on: Jul 11, 2015
Movement 2015: Multi Venue, Multi Artist Exhibit featuring works inspired by and about movement.

Eleven Exhibits that celebrate the breath and beauty of movement as the third annual Southern Vermont Dance Festival prepares for its celebration of dance!

The 3rd Annual Southern Vermont Dance Festival, slated for July 16-19 in Brattleboro, Vermont, is setting the stage by sponsoring Movement 2015, a multi-venue installation featuring the “art of movement.” Beginning on Friday, July 3rd, and on view throughout the month. Eleven venues are showing work by fourteen artists who celebrate the beauty of movement and dance in paintings, prints, photographs, scrolls and sculpture. Some work will be available for sale.

In it’s third season the festival features “Dances By Isadora” a company that teaches master classes in Duncan Technique and shows original works of Isadora Duncan. Isadora Duncan broke the confines of Ballet and brought dance to a different level. With free flowing costumes and a looser structure, Duncans choreography was a brand new style and it was with great bravery that Isadora Duncan shed the expectation of dance and created something very different. It seems only fitting that in the third season SVDF would bring the work of a pioneer to Brattleboro. Another feature of SVDF in it’s third Season is Guest Lecturer Billbob Brown. Brown will give a talk at the festivals opening reception on July 16th at 630pm that will discuss the importance of arts to the economy and the social fabric of society. He will discuss the difference in how artists are supported in the United Stated and in other countries. He will explore why art is so important to society and what we can do to support art and artists.

The festival has 3 Gala Concerts, 1 Informal Concert, 1 Closing Concert, a dance performance/dance party and an opening reception with live music, performance and guest lecture. In addition the festival touts dozens of completely free community events and public art installations. SVDF offers a variety for everyone. It truly is the place where movement meets community.

This multi venue exhibit gives people a reason to come to our town, go into the shops and eateries and spend real time exploring our beautiful downtown area. Not only does the exhibit give people a reason to explore, it also presents dance through a different medium once again showing that dance is for absolutely everyone, no exceptions! The exhibits show movement through the eyes of our local artists as well as showing the beauty of the movement that happens in the Southern Vermont Area. Siegel looks for ways to inspire the community through movement. “For some, they are inspired by moving themselves, for others it is being a spectator of the art of dance and for others it is the image of dance or movement that inspires. Showing the multi venue exhibit is a way to show dance and movement as it is captured by the visual artist. It is just another way to inspire people through movement. Another way to show that dance is for absolutely everyone.” She Says

This years installation was organized by Siegel herself. Siegel aimed to bring in some new artists and show more exhibits that captured movement in new and interesting ways. “We are all movers by some means, we all seek inspiration, beauty and breath.” Siegel hopes to have captured the image of dance and movement in Brattleboro with the 2015 movement exhibit! “The more people we have involved, the more artists we promote both visual and performing, the more we support each other as artists, the more we spread the message that art is something we need and want in our society, not something to dismiss or take for granted.” Siegel hopes that this exhibit is one more way to show that art and artists are an integral part of our society both socially and economically and that art can be seen in so many different ways by the artist and the consumer.

Below is a list of participating venues, with information on the artists and their work being featured this month:

Brattleboro Savings and Loan 221 Main St. (802) 254-5333

Hugh Joudry, sculptor, celebrates the creative effort with 4 large dancing figures throughout the bank. “I have been carving for 40 years in my studio in the town of Stratton. As beauty and passion unfurl from the roots of the world, I see in my sculpture its magical presence. I strive toward resonance with the sacred energy of the land and its sentient beings. The bright and hard white marble of Vermont inspires a great sense of duration and makes an enduring vital link to the mineral realm. The rhythmic shapes of trees I see in the forest, the smell of resin in balsam fir and spruce, the sap of the maple, the interior contours of ash and beech, as well as the majesty of oak are the primal energy that sparks my work…. As I sculpt I visualize the movements of tai chi, yoga, and dance. This includes abstraction as well as figurative work.” —

At 4PM on July 3rd (gallery walk friday) SVDF will present speakers and performances for a live preview of what the festival will offer! This exciting public art installation will be continued with a Dance Fair on July 17th presented by BS&L in conjunction with the Southern Vermont Dance Festival, this will include fun workshops in hooping, Tap Demos, fun performances and more! Just dance dance dance for the love of the movement!

Key Bank 193 Main St., in the Church Parlor (802) 257-4588

Hugh Joudry’s exhibit continues with “The Witnesses,” two large wooden sculptures, celebrate the freedom to witness, with a presence that echoes the resonance of dancing figures—one of many featured “Movement 2015” installations this month in association with the July 16-19 Southern Vermont Dance Festival. Inspired by magic and metamorphosis, Hugh creates his sculptures from the Vermont trees in which they await their release through his patient toil. “I feel in accord with both contemporary art and the cultural traditions of the ancient peoples who lived in these mountains.” Hugh’s Sculptures will be surrounded by exciting SVDF announcements as his sculptures lay witness to the event that he so deeply feels impassioned about.

Gallery in the Woods 145 Main St. (802) 257-4777

GALLERY 1 presents The Dance: A characteristic focus on archetypal imagery by Leonard Ragouzeos, with huge scale and figures and objects enlivened with visual texture, is juxtaposed with Marilyn Andrews’ exploration of the psychological dynamics of Three Figures in clay sculpture.

Vermont Artisan Designs 106 Main St. (802) 257-7044

“Movement Around Brattleboro,” a multi-artist photography exhibit demonstrating the wide range of movement- and dance-related businesses and programs in the area. This exhibit will capture the essence of movement around Southern Vermont. It will celebrate the multiple photographers vision of the joyous dance and movement that happens in the area and will exhibit the essence of movement as it relates to the spectator while showing the depth of movement as it relates to the mover. This exhibit is being presented by SVDF in cunjunction with multiple photographers and performing artists.

Headroom Stages Galleria 17 Elliot St. Brattleboro, VT.

Clare Adams is showing “Dance Notes,” a monoprint series inspired by the choreography lessons taught to young dancers at IBIT Dance by their teacher Brenda Lynn Siegel. “The blocks represent the stage and the dots the dancer’s various positions on stage,” explains Adams. “I’ve captured the color, mood, movement, and variety of good choreography.”

Mocha Joe’s Café 82 Main St. (802) 257-7794

“Images from SVDF2014,” an exhibit of 17 photographic highlights of the 2014 Festival by Diane Sharp, Annie Macey, Ted Thomas, and Jeffery Lewis depicting the complete abandon that dance can offer, images from around town and photos from the stage. This exhibit will highlight the downtown as it becomes a campus for movers every July for four days! It will show our local movers and teachers working with our guests from all over the country and will show how the Streets of Brattleboro Come alive with Movement!

Gallery SHRAM, aka 1/4 Adivasi 51 Main St. & Arch St.

Featuring works by glassblower Zak Grace and artist Virgina Driscoll.
Zak Grace: As humans we move our bodies long before birth. This series of drinking glasses is a toast to the liquids we must take in as humans for survival, and a study of frozen moments of human form.
Zak Grace is a sculptor who works in wood, wire, metal, and hot glass. He first handled hot glass when he was 15, and continues to hold a fascination for this ancient hot medium. Along the way he worked in several glass shops, assisting glass artisans in making beads, vessels and even glass cacti. Two years ago Zak opened his own glass blowing studio in Brattleboro. His specialty lies in the exploration of combining cold copper and hot glass. He also blows custom pieces and a wide variety of drinking vessels.

Virgina Driscoll: An exploration of movement through abstract spaces and an exploration time in two dimensions. work is strongly influenced by color theory and active brushwork.

Latchis Gallery 50 Main St. (802) 254-1109

Photos by Jeffery Lewis of IBIT Dance Company’s “Pieces of Now: Childhood Cancer Awareness Project,” a choreographic work in honor of Alexis June Giallella, who died in November 2013 from a rare childhood cancer. Intimate images are shown of rehearsals and the culminating evening-length production. The images depict the suffering of childhood cancer both as it relates to the loved ones and as it relates to the child. The Childhood Cancer Piece will be presented again at 2 pm on July 25 at the Southern Vermont Arts Center and at 4:30 on July 26 at the Latchis Theatre and will tour through the remainder of 2015 and the early part of 2016.

Latchis Theater 50 Main St. (802) 254-1109

Terry Hauptman will be displaying one large wood cut and several of her dance scrolls. The scrolls capture the images and movement of dance within them. It is a unique medium, her scrolls draw you in with each having such beautiful movement and intricacies that could capture the attention of a spectator for a significant timeframe. Terry’s, paintings are exhibited nationwide and will be featured at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center this fall, is showing some of her Dance Wood Carvings and Scrolls.

Twilight Tea Lounge 41 Main St. – Enter on Arch St.

Images from the 2013 Southern Vermont Dance Festival,” an exhibit of 13 black-and-white photographs by Kiqe Bosch celebrating the joy and variety of movement presented in the Festival’s inaugural season. These images depict the first season of the festival in which the town became a haven for movement. Bosch captures the joy of movement and the intimacy of the mover. He shows the movement in a way that you can see them making their way across the classroom.

Superfresh! Organic Café 30 Main St. (802) 579-1751

Tara Gordon’s “VITara Live by Design,” A series of digital photographs imposed onto yoga mats. Inspired by movement,Gordon transforms close-up nature photography into reflective patterns, exploring the symbiotic relationship between people and Nature, then uses these patterns in fabrics and other products that can nurture our personal nature. Gordon Says: ” I am focusing on exploring & discovering how to fully embody & integrate my designs in ways that cultivate an environment where we are feeling at home together in nature & thriving. This extends from the yoga mat, placemats, wearable fabrics to the adornment of large scale architectural spaces. I am intent on capturing our alignment in nature by patterning ways to enliven our routines & habitations that accentuate our fun loving interplay with in our world of ever-expanding diversity.”—

Each exhibit in this years “Movement 2015” installation depicts a different aspect of movement from a different artists perspective. It allows us to see movement through the eyes of a visual artists and gives our imaginations a chance to soar. “Movement is the essence of our being and we all have some form of movement, it is about finding the movement that allows us to feel free.” Says Siegel

The festival is slated for Thursday, July 16, to Sunday, July 19, and will transform downtown Brattleboro into a campus for movement with time in between events and classes for people to shop and enjoy the town. The four-day festival will be filled with lectures, workshops, performance, live music and free community events.

The variety of classes offered all from beginning to advanced levels. Classes include Ballet, Luigi Technique, Jazz, Modern Dance, Cedar Lake Rep, Isadora Duncan Technique, Contemporary, Swing, Salsa Tango, Pilates and Yoga. In addition the festival is offering bonus styles including Belly Dance, Afro Jazz, Tap, Moving with your chi, Samba and many more.

The festival offers various ticket choices. One can choose to attend the festival for the full four days or sample the festival offerings by purchasing tickets for one day, three days, or all four days taking only one class per day. In addition tickets are available for performances only that take place throughout the weekend. Classes will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Online registration is available once a ticket has been purchased. Or one can just come and enjoy the community events and the “Movement 2015” art installation. There is something for everyone!

For more information on how to purchase tickets, become a sponsor, or volunteer at the festival, email info@southernvermontdance­