On March 6th and 7th AXIS Dance Company will be joining us from California for a series of amazing experiences that they will offer our community!  They will be offering an Assembly and Workshop to our High School Students, a Physically Integrated Teacher Training and working with our local college students.
In this climate, having our young people work with and understand integrated classrooms and having our teachers learn how to integrate their classrooms is more important then ever.
To register for the teacher training click here:  
If you are a teacher of ANY kind please register for this workshop!  Especially movement teachers.   More details on the training below.
Also, we are asking for support from our community on bringing this program here.  This opportunity came up quickly and in order to make it happen we need all of your support.  Every single dollar counts right now more then ever.  Please contribute whatever amount you can afford and help us reach our goal.  We need to work quite quickly toward our goal.  Click here to support us on this super important integrated workshop that we want to bring our kids!

Register for the March 6th Physically Integrated Teacher Training

Support SVDF Bringing AXIS to our children!

Physically Integrated Teacher Training with AXIS Dance Company: March 6th 5pm – 8pm
AXIS Dance Company Teacher Training in Physically Integrated Dance – The Fundamentals AXIS Dance Company offers this exciting, movement-based workshop geared toward teachers and faculty working with diverse populations, with the goal of introducing inclusive dance practices and sensitivity. The session includes learning and experiencing participatory exercises and activities for use in classrooms as well as discussion about disability, language, and the development of AXIS’ extraordinary inclusive community education program.  Register Here!

If you would like to support this project please donate by:
Going to this fundraising campaign https://www.givegab.com/teams/bring-axis-leading-integrated-dance-company-in-the-country
or send a check to:
Southern Vermont Dance Festival
PO Box 68
Williamsville, VT.

Photo Above: AXIS Dance Company. Photo by David DeSilva. Dancers Dwayne Scheuneman and Sophie Stanley