Visual Art Exhibits


Many venues around town have space for visual arts:

If you have photos, paintings, or other visual arts related to dance, you can apply to be exhibited in one of the gallery spaces around town.

  1. The work for this show will go up the week of between the dates of June 28th and July 6th according to the galleries availability and requirements and will have to be worked out with the gallery in which it will be hung. Please make sure you will be able to hang your work that week.
  2. You can submit one piece or an entire exhibit for consideration.
  3. Each venue has different specifications for hanging work, each artists is responsible to have their work ready to hang.
  4. Please note that we will spend a lot of time choosing work. Please make sure that your exhibit will be ready by the end of June to display your work before you apply.
  5. There will be a percentage split on any work chosen that depends on the specifications of the gallery in which the work with be hung.
  6. Please submit a $25 fee with your submission. Your work will not be considered until the $25 fee is received.
  7. This season we have around 25 venues to place artists, some works will be considered in their entire exhibit and some will be accepted as partial exhibits. We expect all artists to be able to show their work.
  8. Submissions can include any medium of visual art.  Performance art can be considered as a work submission under choreography. (note that you would like the work shown in the gallery walk exhibit as well.)
  9. All art should be movement related or inspired. It does not have to be of dance, yoga or circus etc. It could be another inspiration of movement. Please do make sure it exemplifies movement in some form.
  10. If the work is accepted, SVDF may receive 5% on any works sold in addition to the requirements of the gallery in which it is hung.  (If the gallery in which your art is hung charges 50% SVDF will not take 5%)
  11. Once you propose your exhibit, please send us an email to letting us know.  This will ensure that your application was received.

Visual Art Exhibit

  • Submit a photo of yourself. Be sure your name is in the file name, along with any photographer credit you want us to use. Ex: anne-smith-photo-by-Joe-Schmoe.jpg
    Accepted file types: jpg, png.
  • Please be sure your name is in the file name. Ex: anne-smith-resume.pdf
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Please keep in mind that we sometimes accept singular pieces of work or parts of exhibits. Let us know how many works your full exhibit entails.
  • You can include up to 5 photographs and they should be high resolution. Please include any photo credits in your file title. Ex: nativity-sculpture-by-anne-smith-photo-by-joe-schmoe.jpg
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
  • It is the artists responsibility to meet the standards of the venue to which we pair your work.
  • I understand I will have to display my work between the dates of June 25th and June 30th , according to the guidelines and availability of the gallery I am chosen for.
  • I understand that some galleries may charge a percentage of any work that sells, additionally, the Dance Festival may also take 10%.