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Choreography Submissions are now open!

  • Applications are due by February 5th, 2018.  We recommend early submissions as we watch works as they are submitted. We are able to give more attention to individual works when they are submitted throughout the application process.
  • We will be continuing the theme of diversity and social justice in the 2018 festival.  We accept works as well that do not have this theme, but encourage works that do.
  • Each choreographer can submit up to 3 separate works by filling out the form below.
  • A 4th work can be submitted to be considered if it’s a dance film or short. If a choreographer is submitting only dance films or shorts then they may use other slots to submit up to 3 dance films or shorts to be considered. (only 3 will be considered)
  •  If a choreographer wants to submit works for live performance and multiple films or shorts, then they may either fill out two applications with two fees or submit only 1 or 2 works for consideration and the rest as film.
  • Each choreographer only needs to pay the $50 fee one time, up to three pieces submitted. (if the choreographer wants to have more then 3 works considered, then they must fill out the application again and pay an additional fee.)
  • The $50 fee payment is part of the form submission.
  • We try to notify choreographers as soon as decisions are made, it is not always possible to notify all choreographers because of the volume of submissions.
  • If accepted dance films and live works will need to be available as the original files so that we can make promotional videos. Films will need be available in high resolution files to be shown on the big screen.
  • Please note that long pieces will likely not be used in the Gala Concerts, but may be used elsewhere. Also very rarely do we choose works with pop music. On occasion we choose works that have pop music when with certain genres or when the impetus is clear.
  • Once you have filled out the application form send us an email to letting us know  you have applied so we can be sure your application is received. We can’t guarantee we have seen your application if you don’t do this step.
We will choose the best works for the gala, informal and site specific shows and the shows are curated for the appropriate flow of the festival. We consider all of the shows at SVDF to be very important and we choose between many artists. All submissions are highly recommended by our committee.

We do expect all persons accepted in the gala concerts to be prepared to participate or show work in some part of the community events as well. A time will be assigned for this showing.

This year we are also considering work for multiple mid season events. Your work can be accepted to both the festival itself as well as mid season events or one or the other. This allows us to accept more work and provide more opportunities and also keep the excitement of the festival alive throughout the year.

Thank you and we are so excited to see what emerges for SVDF2018!

**As we get many photographs submitted, it is important that you change the filenames before starting to submit this form. This will make our life easier, and let your photographers get the credit they deserve.  File names should include at least: YOUR NAME (or COMPANY NAME) and PHOTOGRAPHER’S NAME with words separated by dashes. If submitting photos of particular works, include the name of the work in the photo file name.
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