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Applications for teaching at the 2017 Festival are now open!

  • Due January 15th!
  • You may propose as many courses as you would like.  10/form.  If you would like to propose more courses, you must fill out additional forms.
  • If accepted, we will accept only certain courses, not all courses proposed will be accepted.
  • Once accepted, SVDF staff will work to get courses on schedule and will give you the exact dates and time as you get closer to the festival
  • We will choose the courses that fit best with this seasons festival.
  • Please make sure your course descriptions give information to the students as well as our committee that thoroughly informs the content of the course.
  • This season we are accepting courses for some mid season events.
  • Once you have filled out the below form, please send an email that lets us know you have applied!  (this will ensure that your application was received)

**As we get many photographs submitted, it is important that you change the filenames before starting to submit this form. This will make our life easier, and let your photographers get the credit they deserve.  File names should include at least: YOUR NAME (or COMPANY NAME) and PHOTOGRAPHER’s name with words separated by dashes. If submitting photos of particular works, include the name of the work in the photo file name.
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