Amirah Sacket

We have an exciting kick off to our Mid Season events this year!  We are calling it Hip Hop September.  Hip Hop with a focus on social justice, continuing our theme of diversity and showing how the arts can make a difference.  See below for a complete list of events coming up this month!


1.  September 8th 630pm- 8pm: Hip Hop Master Class with Amirah Sacket from “We’re Muslim Don’t Panic”  The hip-hop group “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic“ was conceived of by dancer Amirah Sackett in 2011, a moment Sackett referred to as “a really tumultuous time in history as far as Islam is concerned.”Determined to shift the terms of the conversation, she teamed up with dancers Iman and Khadijah to create WMDC, a three-woman performance group that executes flawless hip-hop numbers in niqab and high-tops.  This event is made possible by Sandglass Theater and Southern Vermont Dance Festival. This event is $25  Register Here!2. September 29th 730pm @Latchis Theater “To Hip Hop With Love” The Wondertwins:Join the Wondertwins for an Amazing Hip Hop Journey. An evening of Love, Vaudville, Hip Hop and a story of two artists that speaks to our time! Tickets will be added by Thursday evening!
A Note from the Performers!
“Our work contains the technical facility of hip hop, the sophistication of the glory days of the Cotton Club, the flash of Rat Pack era Las Vegas, and elements of vaudeville, robot, tap, and mime. This is the style we have created that is distinct to us. Our soundtrack for each performance takes just as much thought and research as the physical dance itself, it is eclectic and unexpected. Our work offers a kaleidoscopic view of AfricanAmerican
entertainment traditions.”  This event is $18 until September 10th and then increases.  Register Here!3.  September 30th 2pm to 330pm “Street Dance/Hip Hop Workshop with Wondertwins” Billy and Bobby McClain; The Wonder Twins, had a wonderful career sharing the stage with many Hip Hop legends including Queen Latifah, Bobby Brown (as back up dancers), MC Hammer, Public Enemy, LL Cool J, KRS One and many more! They are bringing this incredible talent to you!
This work shop will cover movements via hip hop, street-dance styles that includes popping, robot and mime. It will also include how take these street styles and apply them to your movement choice. We will work on natural rhythm patterns of the drum and to add accents/details to your movement. This event is $25  Register Here